Liz Diaz Senior Spokesmodel Application c/o 2019


I am so thrilled that you have decided to apply to become a Liz Diaz Spokesmodel! Being an LDP Senior Spokesmodel is exciting stuff! You are basically my marketing Representative. This means that you get to represent the face of Liz Diaz Seniors. How awesome is that? Liz Diaz Spokesmodels are involved in their school or community, and they are positive role models to their friends and family. But it's much more than that, being a part of the team  has it's perks.

-You will have the OPPORTUNITY to have your senior session at a discounted price of $146!

-You will also be a part of countless events and styled shoots and even more!

-You will have the opportunity to get cash bonuses for referrals

-You will be able to win gift cards or even tickets to your favorite amusement park.

I'm excited to read your application and meet you! This is your time to shine, so lets make it one you will remember for years to come!

Chosen spokesmodels are required to:

-Attend a meet & greet event, where you can meet the other girls of the team and me.

-Participate in a total of 4 group sessions with the full team

-Use Liz Diaz as their sole photographer during their senior year

-Post on social media frequently about Liz Diaz Photography

-Book your senior session with Liz Diaz for the exclusively discounted price of $146 (this is the only payment or fee ever associated with the spokesmodel program and can be earned back through referrals)

-Notify parents of their application. Your parent will be contacted first if you are chosen as a spokesmodel, so please be sure they are aware that you are applying!

If you are interested in joining the team, please fill out the form below! Spokesmodels will be chosen and announced by Feb 2nd


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I am currently only accepting the class of 2020!
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My parents are fully aware of me filling out this application, and they are totally 100% okay with me joining your Senior Spokesmodel Program. *
Remember that I will be contacting your parents throughout the entire time that you are a part of the Liz Diaz Senior Spokesmodel Program!