#LDP2020 Spokesmodel Team 1st Group Session in Laguna Beach CA.

Meet the official Liz Diaz Spokesmodels for the C/O 2020! This group is super special and dear to my heart because this was the very first year that I did spokesmodel applications, and it warms my heart to know

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Wisdom's Graduation Session at the Venice Canals in Venice Beach
“Kindness is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere.”-Unknown

Do you know those people who’s laugh is contagious, and who’s personality is so bright that they instantly make you feel comfortable and happy, this is the definition of Wisdom.

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Best of Seniors 2018
2018 was such a special year of growth for me and my business.

But first and foremost, let us address the fact that this post is a little overdue. Woops! Last year was a very tough year for me. I fractured my leg which truly put a damper on my productivity…

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Lizbeth LomeliRight Post
In-Home Studio Styled Session with Pink Backdrop ft. the #LDP2019 Team!
To be woman is empowering. 

This is an awesome group of women who have passions and dreams. They go about life with a positive outlook, and are young and beautiful in their own special way…

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